How to Make Money on Fiverr


Well, it’s not a secret anymore how to make money on Fiverr. I believe many of you have already known what Fiverr is or may be heard in some context. But just in case you didn’t, this guide will walk you through and explain what it is and how you can make money with it. So if you keen to learn what is Fiverr and how you can make money on it just stick with this article.

This comprehensive guide will help you learn what Fiverr is step by step and why you should consider this as one of your source of income.

The best part is I will be covering everything in this to help you learn work on Fiverr and how you can make best out of your existing skills using Fiverr.

What will you learn?

  • The reality of Making Money Online
  • What is Fiverr?
  • How to join Fiverr?
  • Fiverr Gig Ideas ( What to sell on Fiverr? )
  • Importance of Fiverr’s GIG SEO
  • Fiverr’s Downside ( Maybe Not)
  • Benefits of being a Top Rated Seller
Wait! Why you should read this?

Making money online is not as hard as it sounds, in fact, a decade ago it was almost impossible for most us. Working as a freelancer it has taught me a lot, and primarily when I start working on Fiverr it helped me to build my skills, confidence and earn money online so, I can make my living.

I have put this guide together to the best of my knowledge to date and explain every little step, which let you start making money online with Fiverr right after this.

Bottom line? If you want to learn how to make money on Fiverr, this ultimate guide will help you step by step.

So, let’s dive in.


The reality of Making Money Online.reality -f making money online


Let’s cut this straight. We all want to earn money right, well I guess yes. We are living in the age where almost 3.2 billion people are using the internet actively.

And with that massive amount of people online we have such a vast potential and opportunities to work online.

There are thousands of ways to make money online such as participating in online surveys, selling your services online, earning money with affiliate products and the list goes on. And this does not limit you to your geographic location and even if you have not money in hands.

Sounds Great right? yes, it does but let me be honest with you don’t allow yourself trapped in so-called Earn Easy Money or the Become Richer Fast.

There are no shortcut or magic tricks to the success.

The only thing will help you to get this is hard work and determination. If you drive yourself towards the dedication on what you do, this will bring you the success.

So taking from this point let’s dive in and learn one of many ways to make money online.


What is Fiverr? And why you should consider this among other freelancing to make money on fiverr

As I said Fiverr is not wonder anymore, and many of you may have heard about this or maybe some of you already using it for making good money online.

For those of you who are new, Fiverr is an Online Marketplace Platform which provides an opportunity to freelancers around the world to showcase their services and sell them online. It is a platform for both buyers and the sellers.

Working as a freelancer was not so familiar few years back, but it has completely changed by today. The freelance community is amazingly increasing on a daily basis and people even with the full-time job are working as a freelancer and making some extra money on the side.

Freelancers have a significant impact on the industry today.

Check out this Freelance Impact analysis which Fiverr has conduct analyzing the growth of freelance in last few years within the largest cities in America alone.

This tells us how this community is overgrowing and creating a lot of opportunities for making money online.

fiverr homepage

Tons of other freelance websites offer the same kind of services.

But what makes Fiverr stand out is its unique $5 service. Which means all of the services provided on the Fiverr start from $5. Yes, you heard it right $5.

You may ask me how to sell on Fiverr if its start selling price is just $5 and how can we make more money with just that little amount?

So here is the secret, don’t let yourself down just by this. I promise, if you work hard with passion and determination this will be your the first step towards the success and there will be a lot more opportunities awaiting you ahead.


How to join Fiverr?how to join fiverr

I had the same question before joining Fiverr. As I had this mindset that, it must be hard to join such a platform where you can sell your services online and make money. But its quite simple, like many other sites you need to create an account using your email.

After signing up, you will then have access to sign and browse the services, but that will be just as a buyer.

To be able to sell on Fiverr you will have to become the seller. Once you logged in, you will have to click on the button which says “Become a Seller.”

become a seller

This will register you as a seller and will take you through each step to start selling on Fiverr.

Check out our ( Selling on Fiverr / The comprehensive Guide for beginners) for step by step process to join and start selling right away. (Coming Soon)


What is Gig and how to make that?

Gig is a unique piece of service which Fiverr provides us to showcase our services. Without GIG you cannot sell on Fiverr.

This allows us to describe our services in details and to display our best work to attract the buyer and give them more confidence in you that you are the right person for that particular service. It is essential that we do our homework before making any GIG ready to sell.

By homework I mean, we need to decide what service we are going to sell on Fiverr and do some search about it.

Provide as much as possible details to the buyer, so they know what they are going to buy and that makes the buyer more comfort and build trust on you.

There are essential steps you need to follow while making the GIG perfect to the buyers, as this is going to build your business so you must put your attention while making this.

The Title, Category, Tags, Pricing, Description and FAQ, Requirments and the Gallery are the steps you need to complete to publish your GIG in the marketplace.


gig steps

Check out my in-depth guide to creating the GIG where I have covered every single step you need to know. I also explained to make the perfect title and description of your gig which will help you to rank your GIG.



How to get Clients?

Well, this is going to be your next challenge after setting up your GIG and running in the Fiverr Marketplace.

There are no such secrets but just a common sense how you can handle this. This might take some time to boost up, but yes, I do believe that if you have done your homework well by creating the awesome GIG and used the proper tags, soon you will start having your sales.

Along with many other benefits Fiverr also gives us the most legit way to promote our GIG to the broad audience is the Buyer Requests.


What are Buyer Requests?

To be honest, when I started I was not aware of this. But sooner I found this cool feature I was amazed. Buyer Requests section allows the people who could not see their particular services in the GIGs, or you may call the become lazy.

So they put the Buyer Request and place in this section according to what specifically they want.

buyer request

So here is our golden chance to grab this opportunity. There will be thousands of people who post their custom requests, and you will have a chance to offer them your services by replying to their buyer requests.

This feature also helps us by not showing all the posts what people are putting up there, but only those which are related to our GIG.

For instance, if I have a GIG which offers Website Development, Buyer Requests section will only show me the requests from people who are just looking for website development services.

How cool is that? It will help to target your right audience.

One thing to keep in mind there is only 10 Buyer Requests available per day to make the most out of this and use them wisely.


Other ways to get clients.

If you are in the industry whether you are working for a company or as a freelancer, you must have some interactions with your clients. Once you launch your GIG, you can spread the word to them and ask them to help you by ordering on Fiverr.

This will give kick-start your GIG and will start having some impressions. It will also build trust in the online marketplace that you are offering some genuine and excellent services.

You can also ask your friends, colleagues to buy your services to give another initial boost to your GIG.

You may also share your GIG link into various platforms to let your audience know that you are offering this service on Fiverr. Such as Facebook Groups, Google + Communities and more.

I also sum up this article in the cool Infographics. Don’t forget to share .

how to make money on fiverr


Lets’s continue,

Fiverr Gig Ideas ( What to sell on Fiverr? )gig ideas


It is the most common question I have come across what you sell on Fiverr? Which brings you money. And the answer to this question is pretty straightforward.

You can sell anything on Fiverr as long as you have some skills. Yes, you heard me right, if you have any skills set you can surely go ahead and put your service on Fiverr to sell.

Fiverr’s unique GIG service let you sell your services online regardless of geographic locations and border boundaries. Whether you are a web developer, graphics Designer, writer, musician, or even you are in the health industry, and this lets you offer your services online easily.

Here are some most popular services people look on Fiverr,

  • Web Design
  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social media Services
  • Voiceover Artist
  • Video & Animation
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Alter Pictures (Background Removal of Pictures)
  •  Take pictures with the sign
  • Writing Services & a lot more…

Each of the categories I mentioned above has a lot more sub-categories within those topics. You can merely identify your particular skill and go for it.

If you are still confused go-ahead to the homepage of Fiverr and look into the categories, you will be amazed how many options are there for you to work on them.

That alone tells you what in-demand and what opportunities you can avail from.


Importance of Fiverr’s GIG SEO

gig seo

The importance of SEO in digital marketing is not a secret anymore. Therefore we must take care and understand how important it is we optimize our GIG accordingly so we can make most out of this.

Like SEO rules and guides in any other marketing content, the title and the tags are most important to take care of in the GIG.

We must make our GIG title according to our research which we usually do before making any GIG. We aim to make this accordingly to the tags and relevant to our services to build our trust on buyers and make more sales.

The description is also essential as this is the place where we describe our service in more detail and explain the buyer that we are the right choice.

I have discussed all the points more in detail in my complete guide to Selling on Fiverr.

Where I have gone more in-depth and tried to explain how you can make your GIG title and description SEO friendly, Which of course will help you to rank your GIG fast.


Fiverr’s Downside ( Maybe not )


Let’s face the truth, Making money is not as easy as we might think, but it’s not as hard as it looks. We have to decide the right way of doing this.

Like every other online platform Fiverr has some things which many people think as a downside of the Fiverr Which I believe it’s not but let’s discuss them so you will be aware of all the aspects.

Fiverr takes the 1/5 of your profit which is like 20%. For example, if you make a sale of $5 at the end, you will be having $4, and Fiverr will keep $1. This does not hurt when it comes to only $5 sale, but yes when you grow, and your sales become in the large amount you may feel it.

The other thing I would like to discuss their time frame to get the payment release is two weeks. Which again is fair I guess, as I heard from many freelancers as this is too long.

But if you have many sales, then you may not feel it as then eventually you will be getting paid every day or every other day.

Which I guess is fine as they are providing us such a great platform to sell our services and online opportunity. You may think differently, but I think they deserve to have it.


Benefits of being a Top Rated Sellertop rated seller

It is imperative to stay motivated and productive towards your passion. Fiverr has something which helps us to stay focused and eager us to work hard to get promoted.

When you start selling on Fiverr, you begin as a primary seller. Then Fiverr gives you a chance to work harder and get up to the point when you can get promoted and achieve the next level.

Fiverr has something called Fiverr’s Level system. They offer you different levels such as the beginner when you start, then Level 1, Level 2 and the top one is called Top Rated Seller.

Every level has their benefits and bonuses. Which I personally really like as it keeps my passion alive to work more, more and more.

There is another super cool feature they have recently introduced called a Pro Seller which is awesome. You can directly apply to become a Pro seller, but your expertise and the level of work should be up to their mark which is high. But don’t worry it is still possible if you keep working hard and stay focused.

fiverr pro

Wrap up

Fiverr has made its space within a few year time with their incredible and unique services in the freelance online marketplace. No doubts, it has become one of the top freelance sites which offer to sell services online.

There are many freelancers are joining the Fiverr now, and you should do it too. Now it’s your turn to take a step and dive into the freelance community and prove yourself.

Like in everything, it takes time to get settled and to grow, but trust me to believe in yourself and work hard. There’s nothing you cannot achieve in this world.

I hope you have learned something from this. If you have any question, please do ask me in the comments and I will be happy to answer them for you. Spread the word, and share this article with your community and let them know how to make money on Fiverr.

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  1. I was lucky to stumble across this article! I’m just making my first steps to freelancing and I currently took a similar course on Bitdegree website about making money on fiverr but only after reading your article I was able to put everything in my head clearly! The course I took was really great as well but perhaps I’m just better at gathering information by reading rather than by listening and watching the video.

    • I’m really glad Salleen, this helps. That was the main point of this article to help who would like to get started. If you have any questions I’m here to help. Good Luck


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