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Are you working online to make money? Have you heard about Fiverr?

If not, then you must start doing this today, as in this article I am going to show you 15 Sites like Fiverr where you can sell your services online.

Before we jump into this, Let’s discuss what Fiverr is and how you can make money with it.

Fiverr is an online marketplace platform where anyone can sell their skills and make money from it. The best part, this lets you sell your services for as little as $5. But this is not the end but beginning.

Freelancers who are working on Fiverr nowadays are earning more than a 5 figures income or even more. You may consider checking this detailed guide how you can make money on Fiverr.

You cannot have any doubts about the success of the Fiverr is it has become one of the largest online marketplaces for most freelancers of the world.

Following their footsteps, many websites were launched to match the Fierr structure. Many were dissolved so quickly as soon as they appear online but many are still doing great jobs.

Just like Fiverr there are many other online websites too where you can work as a freelancer and start making money today.


I have collected a list of 15 sites where you can sell your services and start living the life you deserve. I guess everyone does. So let’s check them out.

Sites like Fiverr

1. Freelancer

sites like fiverr is one of the worlds largest freelancing platform available online. It currently has over 20 million users from around the world. This Australian based company provides the opportunity for both the employers and freelancers too.

Employers can post their projects up on the site so freelancers from around the world can bid on that to get the project. They can even choose to hire some specific freelancers if they have specific criteria for the project and decide to work with those selected freelances directly.

Signing up as a freelancer is entirely free but they do have paid membership too with some extra features available. After registering as a freelancer, you can bid on any projects and try to get that. You will have a limit of bidding on projects which is 8 bids per month, so make sure you make the best out of this and bid on the right project.

Posting a job or bidding on a project is free but as soon as the project awarded and work begins, there is a fee for that. Which varies for the fixed-price payment from 3% to the employers and the 10% for the freelancers and for the hourly payment method it is 3% for the employer on every payment and %10 for the freelancers.

Go to Freelancer


2. UpWork


Upwork is a merger of two formerly freelance platforms (oDesk-Elance). It has become a significant platform for both freelancers and employers who are looking to hire.

Registration on Upwork is entirely free so one you signed up you can go ahead apply for any project. Upwork offers excellent benefits to freelancers whether you are looking for side income alongside your full-time job or you are interested in starting a freelance work full time.

This extensive network of more than 9 million freelancers provides you with the tremendous opportunity to work in any niche you desire. Upwork also offers Test you can take and increase your chances to get hired.

As these help those freelancers with less experience or qualification to come up on top and get noticed. These skill tests show up on your profiles and make you most qualified freelancers what employers are looking for.

Go to UpWork


3. Designhill


Designhill is mainly a graphic design based crowdsourcing freelance website. It is the one-stop choice for people who are looking to get their designs needs to do such as, logo, stationery, web design etc.
Unlike other freelance websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr this is not your typical freelance website. It is a contest based. How this work is, Employer or buyer placed the contest with their brief, and all the freelance graphic designers join the contest and put their entries.

Buyers then have the choice to look at the designer’s entries and get unlimited revisions, and once they choose the best design which fits their needs that design wins the contest and money paid to the designer.

Apart from participating in the contest, Designhill offers a one-stop shop for the buyers where they can buy readymade logos from already made designs. You can send your logo for selling too in their one-stop shop to showcase your talent and potential to sell that logo.

Go to DesignHill


4. 99Designs


If you are a professional Graphic Design and looking to showcase your creative stuff and get hired, 99Designs can be your next choice. 99Designs also a design based marketplace where they provide the opportunity for freelancers to show up their creative work and chances to get hired.

Like in Designhill, 99Designs also have the contest structure which helps buyers to get multiple design entries from many designers, and they
have the right to choose.

Employers can also explore their stores for the premade designs available on the store and get them tailored as per your need. Whether you are an employer looking to hold the contest or a freelancer want to join and showcase your talent, the process of their website is pretty straightforward and simple to use.

Go to 99Designs


5. People Per Hour

people per hour

You may not find People Per Hour the best freelance website out there on the market, but it has a lot to offer. They have the vast range of categories to provide your services. Signing up and getting started is completely free and you can start bidding on any project straight.

If you are starting out as a freelancer, then you must go ahead and try People Per Hour. Despite the fact of not being the best, People Per Hour has done quite well as they currently have 1.1 Million Jobs posted and with over 1.5 Million users from 89 countries which is pretty good stats.

Go to PeoplPerHour


6. Guru

guru is also one of the leading marketplaces online. Guru is the place over 3 Million users which allow both employers and freelancers to connect and work with more flexibility and security.

Registering on Guru is free, but they do have premium membership also with more features. The only disadvantage is for being a free member, paid members to have more priority for being featured and get more projects.

As a free member, you have 120 bids available for one year to apply on projects which are 10 per month. Being a freelancer, you must not rely on just one website for your primary focus,
so there is no risk for trying free membership on Guru and apply for different jobs to avail the more opportunities.

Go to Guru


7. Konker


Konker is a freelance marketplace where you can sell your services online. You may call this a Fiverr alternative. The impressive stuff in Konker is they offer an affiliate referral programme which lets you make money just by sharing their services which your audience and bring people to the website.

You can start selling straight away by creating the gigs as totally its free. They also have low commission rates which are %5, quite less compares to other websites.

Here’s how the affiliate programme works, register with them and choose a product to promote. If the user comes to the site and buys something with your referral link, you will get the 17.5% of the sales. It’s that cool. So I guess it’s worth trying.

Go to Konker


8. SEO clerks

seo clerks

SEOClerk is a marketplace where you can buy and sell SEO or Blogging related services. It was initially designed specifically for the SEO, but later they have expanded their services, and now you can Buy, Sell and even you can Tarde at their website which is unique.

If you are working in an SEO or Digital Marketing industry, then this is the right place for you to work on. Services start from as low as $1 and go beyond.

You can offer services like Website Traffic Boost, Backlinks, Social Media services and all kind of SEO services. SEOClerk was born in 2011, and over the past seven years they have dominated in their field and have grown over 700,000 user toll date.

Go to SEOclerk


9. DesignCrowd

design crowd

DesignCrowd is another unique online marketplace for all the creative designers around the world. As its name says, it is mainly designs based crowdsource platform which helps you to sell your talent to the whole world.

They have a vast list of services from logo design, flyer design, ebook design down to web design, and there is a long list for you to work on. Just like 99Desigsn, it is also contest based site. So buyers place their project brief, and then designers around the world send their designs to the project.

This Australian based website has more than 630,000 graphic designers on their board to date from around 165 countries worldwide. If you are a quality designer, then this is the place for you to try for free to sell your services online.

Go to DesignCrowd


10. Hubstaff Talent

hubstaff talent

The best part of this is, it’s 100% free for both freelancers and the businesses who are looking to hire. HubStaff Talent is a great new website which provides potential buyers to work directly with the freelancers with absolutely no cost at all.

It is more like a job-based website where employers post their jobs and after they contact the qualified freelancers directly.

Being not on the hot list of the freelance websites, Hubstaff Talent has reasonably less competition, unlike other freelance marketplaces. So exploring the new opportunity there is no loss to try this platform as its 100% free.

Go to Hubstaff Talent


11. iFreelance


Working as a freelancer, you should not limit yourself to one site as there are many folks in the market and iFreelance is from one of them. It is also one of the top freelance websites which provide opportunities to all who would want to work more.

Unlike other sites this is not free, there is a paid monthly membership fee you have to pay. The best part is, there is no commission fee at all. Which means whatever you earn that is 100% yours as iFreelance do not charge you any commission fee other than that monthly subscription you choose.

But you will have unlimited bids available to apply for the projects regardless of what membership plan you are on which means you have more chance to grab the project as there will be no daily or monthly limits like other websites. They offer three packages Basic, Silver, Gold and their monthly fees are $6.25, $9.00 AND $12.00 respectively.

Go to iFreelance


12. Toptal


Toptal is one of the top-notch freelancer marketplaces online.

They call it as TOP 3%. What this means is, the freelancers they have are masters in their field and only the top 3% highly qualified talent available on their site.

The process to qualify to become a freelancer on their site is entirely, and you will have to go through from different stages to be selected. Out of thousands of application, they receive every day only the top 3% get a chance to be decided.

I t’s a place for the elite freelancers, so they do not compromise on the quality and professionalism as it’s given a 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

They have a massive list of categories they hire freelancers for. So if you are good at what you do, must give it a try as they only take you as a freelancer if you are a legend at what you do.

Go to Toptal


13. DesignContest

design contest

DesignContest is just another designing based online marketplace as it name says. They hold the contest for the designs just like some other websites and buyers or employers receive the bundle of designs from around the world.

They have a large community of more than 210,000 designers available wholly online. Apart from sending your entries to the contest, you can even be selected for 1 to 1 project form the potential buyers if your profiles impress them.

As they mostly have the design based services, so they have a massive list of design services available on their site. So if you think you are a professional Graphic Designer, you will have a long list of jobs you can do here.

Go to DesignContest


14. FivesQuid


FivesQuid is an online platform where you can sell your services online starting from £5 to £50. It works like Fiverr and gives you the options to set up your services from logo designs to voiceover as little as £5.

It is a UK based company as per the name tells you FivesQuid which mean 5 Pound. The vast list of categories to offer which indeed provides you with the opportunities to choose from and work on them. It is excellent for individuals who are looking to earn some extra income on the side.

Go to FivesQuid


15. FiverUp


There are many Fiverr clones were appeared on the market to match the Fiverr success, and their idea and FiverUP is one of them. It is another online marketplace where you can offer your services to sell online from $4 up to $100.

Just like Fiverr they do offer a broad range of categories of services. They also do have the job level system to promote the sellers to sell more. Levels called Job level 1, Job Level 2 and job level 3 as job level one is a basic when you start up and the level 3 is the Pro seller which opens up many new features.

All job levels have their features like pricing of your services and jobs limits per day. You have to complete 10 orders complete and have above 90% of positive reviews to unlock the new Job level.

Go to FiverUP



Bottom Line:

Freelancing is an indeed freedom. You have the choice of what to work for or not and to choose what is the right price for your work.

There are many other sites like Fiverr available in the online market.  but these are some of the best I have found for you.

So do enjoy working as a freelance and make the most out of it. If you are not trying any of the above yet, give them a try and see how it comes up. Let me know in the comments what you think about it or if you have any questions.

I would love to help you to answer with my best knowledge.



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